Bit Players Are Badass

  • That large corporations, the oligarchs that run them, their lobbyists and the military-industrial-intelligence complex pretty much control the federal government of the United States.
  • That their greed and lust for power is killing people at home and around the world, accelerating catastrophic climate change, and making this country’s longstanding regional, economic, ethnic and social divisions terrifyingly worse.
  • That what goes on in Washington between our two nominal political parties is but a crummy community theater production performed by a venal, sad, craven group of puppets.
  • That it means, if we have any chance of avoiding a very grim fate, we have to get together and save ourselves (which, incidentally, is democracy).



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Stephen Boni

Stephen Boni


I write children's books and socio-political missives. I care about people, nature, humor, moving pictures and, uh, survival.