Mossad Mania with Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein: Reading Whitney Webb’s Latest Research

Stephen Boni
3 min readNov 16, 2019

Much to the chagrin of the corporate media and those who pull their strings, the indy media world isn’t letting the Jeffrey Epstein story get flushed down the memory hole. While there are numerous independent outlets — both video and digital print — that have continued to dig for information in the aftermath of Epstein’s dubious suicide, Whitney Webb of Mint Press News has arguably been the one to go furthest down the rabbit hole.

In two recent pieces, which could be considered Parts 6 and 7 of her now ongoing series on the various clandestine networks to which Epstein was connected, employed by or directed (he played a variety of essentially criminal roles in the various worlds he traversed), Webb looks at a few different aspects of Epstein’s more-than-likely sexual blackmail operation.

In her October 2nd piece, Webb explores claims that Epstein and his “social fixer” and “underage girl procurer” Ghislaine Maxwell, used her family connections with Israeli intelligence to establish a niche for the two remorseless libertine ne’er do-wells in feeding key Israeli officials sexual blackmail information about powerful U.S. businesspeople, politician and bureaucrats that they could use to achieve various agendas in the U.S. Additionally, it appears that Epstein’s facility with financial maneuvering made him usable in arms deals directed by elements of the U.S. and Israeli governments. It’s fascinating and horrifying stuff.

In her October 14th piece, Webb takes a closer look at how Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein were the perfect tag team for seducing, entrapping and likely blackmailing wealthy connected people — like Prince Andrew — and dragging them into unknown webs of intrigue. In her research here, Webb also comes across a phenomenon that Julian Assange has been highlighting for a few years; that is, the quiet removal of historical information from the Internet by news and other organizations.

You can listen to the two pieces through this week’s Words of Others podcast:

While Webb’s reporting continues to be comfortable with some speculative, loosely reached conclusions, one thing has continued to gain definition with blinding clarity: In the approximated words of young, world-weary Red Scare podcaster and amateur Epstein sleuth, Dasha Nekrasova, activities involving the extremely wealthy in Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” weren’t fiction — which is to say that the western world’s billionaires, prominent politicians, intelligence agencies and organized criminals operate in sexually sadistic, unaccountable, amoral constellations that impact our reality in profoundly devastating ways.

These are the dark transactional collaborations of people who see themselves as international swashbucklers. In truth, they’re just evil scumbags with money (often illegally obtained), manners and designer clothes.

We are props to them. Keep this in mind as the never-ending election pageant in the U.S. and U.K. plays out.

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